Course Descriptions

Commotion in the Ocean 

(Aged 4 - 6 Pre-school/ Starters)

Sharks, whales, pirates and mermaids, there’s a… commotion in the ocean!

Your child will enjoy an exciting story-telling experience to inspire their imagination. Through a wide variety of fun-filled songs, games, drama and crafts, children will improve their confidence in speaking, listening, reading and early writing.


Fairground Fun 

(Standards 1 – 2/ Movers)

How competitive are you?

Roll up! Roll up! It’s time for our Marvellous Movers’ exciting holiday programme. This stimulating course will develop learners’ confidence and communicative skills as they design their very own theme park and even get to run a fairground game with REAL customers! A chance not to be missed!



(Standards 3 - 4/ Flyers)

Fantastic Flyers, do you have what it takes to join our sensational Global Adventure?

Don’t forget your passport as we embark on this fascinating journey into different cultures, shopping, food, fashion and movies from around the world! Your talents will be showcased through challenging and creative projects, and travel journals packed with happy holiday memories. Jump aboard for the journey of a life time!


Junior Journalists!

(Standards 5 - 6/ Winners)

Do you want to sharpen your writing skills?

Join the Enhance newsroom to report on the hottest stories on heroes, local news, the environment, and world events as well as entertainment features. Showcase your interviewing, writing and presentation skills on this challenging course. You’ve got to be inspired to be hired!


The Island: Create, Communicate, Collaborate 

(Form 1 - 6/ Teens)

Customised characters complete with sensational superpowers and amazing abilities and build a Utopian society on a mysterious island where nothing is what it seems. Before you know it, you and the other citizens will have to will be working together to overcome outrageous obstacles and perplexing problems. Can the citizens save the island and even survive a zombie apocalypse?