IGCSE English First Language and Literature Preparation Course

These courses will prepare students sitting, or intending to sit, for Cambridge IGCSE courses in English First Language and English Literature. They are designed for Year 9, 10 and 11 students currently attending international schools following a UK curriculum. Eligible students can sit for either or both courses.
  • English First Language- Wednesdays 18:15 – 19:45. Maximum 16 students per class. Fee RM590 per term (10 weeks)
  • English Literature - Thursdays 17:00 – 18.30. Maximum 10 students per class. Fee RM800 per term (10 weeks)
  • No coursebook or placement test is required

The programme will address:

English First Language (Reading and Writing)

  • Analysing text for meaning, identifying and commenting on writers’ purpose, attitude and style
  • Responding to writers’ use of language, structure and technique and understanding how they achieve their effects
  • Writing what is thought, felt and imagined in an appropriate form and using language and register suitable to audience and context
  • Ordering and presenting facts, ideas and opinions related to purpose
  • Understanding and using a range of appropriate vocabulary and employing grammar and structure accurately and effectively
  • Improving exam technique

English Literature

  • Responding to literature in the three forms of poetry, prose and drama
  • Reading, interpreting and evaluating literature texts
  • Analysing and commenting on author’s purpose and the audience/reader’s response.
  • Comprehending key literary concepts- language, theme, characterization, form and structure
  • Presenting an informed personal response to literature texts
  • Developing essay technique