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Jan 15, 2018

Mastering English key to my Success Click to read
Oct 5, 2017 Only Imported English Textbooks from Next Year Click to read
Oct 1, 2017 Royal Call for More Opportuinities to Study English  Click to read
May 21, 2015 English language and its importance to Malaysia's growth Click to read
May 8, 2015 Education groups back Johor Sultan's call for English-medium schools Click to read
  English Language and the Language of Development - A Malaysian Perspective (UTM) Click to read
August 12, 2014 Improve English via Enhance Education Click to read
December 10, 2013 Cambridge English for all Click to read
November 15, 2013 Expert teaching to help you improve your English Click to read
November 1, 2013 The Star Advert Click to read
October 11, 2013 English proficiency is a must Click to read
March 9, 2013 English may be made a must pass SPM subject in three years Click to read
April 12, 2012 English is important to the country Click to read
March 5, 2012 Local grads not up to mark Click to read
August 11, 2011 Debate on English returns to spotlight Click to read
July 12, 2011 Use English, or lose it Click to read
March 28, 2011 Master English or lose out in job hunt Click to read
  Hearts go out to Japan Click to read
March 23, 2011 Speaking English does not make one less Malaysian Click to read
March 22, 2011 Language the basis for learning soft skills Click to read
March 21, 2011 Need for changes in system Click to read
  Knowing one language not enough in this age Click to read
  English holds the key to achieving Vision 2020 Click to read
March 16, 2011 Improve on English or lose out in job market, undergrads told Click to read
  AMS students need to master English Click to read
March 11, 2011 English an advantage in a competitive world Click to read
January 9, 2010 Schools should focus on teaching real English grammar Click to read
December 2, 2010 Teaching of English should be restructured
Source: The Star Online
Click to read
November 30, 2010 Master English or be left behind in global Market
Source: The Star Online
Click to read
June 16, 2009 Making an English SPM 'pass' compulsory Click to read

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