Kids Running


Our mission as educators is to enable students of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds to enjoy learning how to communicate effectively and successfully in English. 


As we strive to fulfill our mission, our Customer Charter sets out the service that we promise to give all our customers, based on three key principles: transparency, equity and respect.



  • All our customers are equally valuable and will receive equal service.

  • We strive to implement easy access for all customers.

  • All our centres will provide the same high quality of service.


  • We will treat all our customers and students with courtesy, consideration and respect at all times

  • We will never physically punish or humiliate our students under any circumstances

  • We will be as open as possible with all our customers

  • We will publish clear terms and conditions for the purchase of all courses

  • We will listen to our customers through planned meetings and on request

  • We welcome oral and written customer feedback at any time

In these uncertain times, your safety is our number one priority. We are strictly implementing all Government SOP's to ensure that we can provide you and your child with a safe and healthy learning environment. For more information, click to download our full Parent's Guide to Covid-19 SOPs.


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