Dr Tom Craig-Cameron  (Founding Director)

Dr Craig-Cameron has extensive leadership and management experience in the fields of international relations, international education and English language teaching. He has served as Director of the British Council in Malaysia and in Pakistan, and as Counsellor for Educational and Cultural Affairs in the British Embassy in China: in all those operations teaching English and managing British Examinations were major businesses. He also was Education Attaché to the British Embassy in Washington DC, USA, and Science Programme Manager for the British Council in China and in Saudi Arabia. Within the British Council in the UK he was Director of UK Partnerships responsible for all levels and types of education from universities through colleges and language schools to primary schools. He chaired the Management Boards for the UK Educational Counselling Service and for Accreditation UK* - a special partnership with English Language schools throughout the UK to quality assure and accredit language schools and ensure high standards of English language teaching and professional ethics.

Dr Craig-Cameron holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of Birmingham and an Honours Degree in Agricultural Biology from the University of Wales. In his early career he held a lectureship at the University of Aston-in-Birmingham and a Research Associateship at the University of Manchester. A UK citizen, Dr Craig-Cameron is married to a Penangite and he previously worked in Kuala Lumpur for 3 years.


Mrs Sue Back  (Academic Director)

A high qualified and professionally accredicted teacher in the UK where she specialised in teaching primary school students, Sue has taught on an occasional basis at three of the top international schools in Penang. She first qualified though as an English language teacher and has taught English to junior and secondary students, adults and business clientele in Japan and Malaysia.

She holds a particular interest in special needs having begun her career in living in a Steiner community alongside children with learning difficulties, supporting them in both the home and school setting. Sue is specially trained in teaching handwriting, spelling and reading skills and has taught in her various role for nearly 30 years. She has been at Enhance Education since its opening, first as a teacher then Senior Teacher, and finally taking the post of Academic Director in 2016.

Sue holds an honours degree from Nottingham University, CELTA, and PGCE from Southampton University. A UK citizen, but holding PR status, Sue is very happily settled in Penang.


Ms Agnes Chin  (Operations Director)

Agnes Chin joined Enhance Education as a Customer Services Manager, was later promoted to Senior Management and now holds the post of Operations Director, leading all non-academic teams. She is responsible for the overall strategic planning of the business including future expansion, and managing the company’s financial performance whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Having gained more than 10 years of experience in the service industry, she brings with her extensive leadership and management expertise from both multinational companies as well as local SMEs where she has excelled in her roles within management, administration and internal auditing. She has lead market research initiatives and helped build the branding of these establishments as well as developed policies and procedures in overseeing best practices, playing a leading role in company set ups and expansion planning.

Agnes holds a BSc. in Computer Science with Business Information Systems from Campbell University in the USA. She has previously worked in Kuala Lumpur before deciding to return to her family in Penang. Agnes believes in doing things right the first time and hopes to be an inspiration for her team at Enhance Education, ensuring the company continues to grow within a healthy competitive environment. She consistently strives to ignite a passion in those around her to develop towards our common goals.

Mrs Emma Talbot  (Senior Teacher Academic)

Emma has been teaching English as a Second Language for the past 16 years in various countries including Taiwan, Australia, England, China and now Malaysia. During this time she has taught a wide range of levels and ages including primary and secondary, as well as business and general English for adults.

She worked for the British Council Malaysia for 8 years as a teacher, IELTS examiner and as a Cambridge qualified teacher trainer. During this time she has conducted CELTA, ICELT, TKT, and IELTS training courses, as well as teacher training for both local and foreign teachers across Malaysia.

In 2004, and 2005, she conducted workshops at the annual MELTA conferences and was the main speaker for PELTA’s anniversary conference in 2006. She has also developed and executed training courses for MARA and English trainers for the Ministry of Higher Education and Community Colleges.



Mr Jamie Carter  (Senior Teacher Operations)

Jamie has been teaching ESL for over 14 years in a number of different countries including South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. During his time in South Korea he taught a broad range of abilities and ages from kindergarten kids, teens, adults and business professionals. In 2015 he completed his Masters in Educational Leadership and Management.

Throughout his career he has put an emphasis on engaging students at all levels with interesting content and fun, interactive lessons that inspire self-study as well as promoting the use of technology to aid learning. He has an in-depth knowledge of the local school system, working as a Teacher Mentor for 5 year in rural Perak, specialising in curriculum development.