Enhance offers students the chance to sit for the internationally recognised Cambridge English Certificate.

Here are some common questions about the Cambridge Young Learner Examinations.


A 1. What are “Cambridge English Examinations”?
These examinations are set and moderated by Cambridge English: Language Assessment, which is a non-profit unit of the University of Cambridge in England. They are used and recognised worldwide by more than 15,000 employers, governments, schools and universities as high-quality tests of students’ abilities to use English accurately and effectively. Over 4 million people a year take Cambridge English examinations in 130 countries.


A 2. Who manages the examinations?
Cambridge English has an office in Kuala Lumpur that has appointed an agent in Penang to administer all their examinations. The current agent is HELEX. The exam papers are prepared and printed in England and are distributed here by HELEX, with appropriate security, for each examination date. HELEX collects the completed papers and sends them back to Cambridge English to be marked.


A 3. Where are the examinations held?
All examination venues have to meet Cambridge English specifications. HELEX inspects and approves all examination venues in Penang. Some of the examinations can be held in our language centres but if larger exam halls are needed we may rent rooms in a school or college. We will tell you the examination venue at least two weeks before the examination date.


A 4. When are the examinations held?
For most examinations the dates are set by Cambridge English according to a fixed global timetable. A few others can be arranged on demand on almost any date. For this academic year (2019) the dates of all our YL Examinations have not been set yet. We will update this page when we have these dates confirmed.


A 5. When will I get the examination result?
Because the examination papers and listening test results have to be sent away for marking and compilation it may take from a few weeks to 2-3 months before we are sent the results. For better security we will call you to come and collect the Cambridge certificates from one of our centres.


A 6. If I lose the Cambridge Certificate can I get another copy?
A Cambridge Certificate is a valuable document and is permanent proof of your child’s proficiency in English. However if you do lose it then usually Cambridge English will be able to provide a replacement (terms & conditions apply): information on how to apply for a replacement is given on their website or you can ask our Customer Services for advice.


A 7. What is the examination fee?
The basic fee is set by Cambridge English with small additions by their local agent and ourselves to cover administrative expenses. The current YLE fees for this year’s December examinations are shown below but may be subject to change by either Cambridge or HELEX:










These are comprehensive fees and there are no extra charges for taking these YL Examinations. They are payable to us when you register your child for the examination.


A 8. When can I register my child for YLE?
YLE Registration opens on 5 August at the start of our usual re-registration period, so priority is given to existing customers. After re-registration ends on 20 August any new students can be registered for the examinations. The final date for registration is 11 October after when we will not be able to accept any late registrations. We have to submit a list of candidates in mid-October and once the list has been sent Cambridge English will not accept any late entrants.


B 1. Which Cambridge English Examinations can I take?
At the end of the academic year 2019 some of our students can take the Cambridge Young Learners Examinations (YLE). YLE examinations are offered at the end of our regular courses and we are limiting them to certains classes only. If your child is in one of these classes this year he/ she can take a YLE (Starters 2 students only with teacher approval):


Starters 2:

Cambridge “Starters” Examination


Movers 2:

Cambridge “Movers” Examination


Flyers 2:

Cambridge “Flyers” Examination

More information about each examination is available from Customer Services.

Other Cambridge Examinations: PET, FCE & IELTS

For the last five years we have run special intensive courses to prepare school leavers for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) and First Certificate in English (FCE). We will offer these courses again from January to March 2019. They take nine hours per week for up to ten weeks. Details are available here.

IELTS is a very special examination that is owned and produced jointly by Cambridge English, The British Council, and IDP Australia. The examinations are administered in Penang by both the British Council and IDP. Although we do not hold the examinations in our centres we do offer special IELTS preparation courses: please ask Customer Services for details.


B 2. How do I choose the right examination to take?
Our teachers will advise you about the right examination for your child. Whatever the teacher’s advice, you will always be able to make the final decision on whether or not your child takes any examination.


B 3. Do you give “mock examinations” for these Cambridge examinations?
All our examination courses include occasional tests based on the Cambridge examination so that students get enough practice. We will also give short mock examinations close to the YLE date and will use the results to help each student make final preparations for the formal examination.


B 4. Do I have to register my child for the “mock examination”?
No, all children in the class will take the mock examinations so you don’t have to register for them. The examinations will be part of our normal progress assessment tests. There will be no extra fee for these mock examinations.



C 1. Does my child have to study on a special preparation course before taking the examination?
Our existing YLE courses for pre-school and primary students are designed to improve your child’s understanding of English and how to use the language effectively and accurately. That is what the Cambridge examinations assess and so there is no need for us to run any extra language courses. Studying on any of our Starters, Movers or Flyers general courses will prepare your child very effectively for the Cambridge YLE examinations.

However the higher level Cambridge examinations, especially their listening and speaking tests, may be unfamiliar to many students and so for the PET, FCE and IELTS examinations we run short intensive courses focussed on the requirements of those examinations.


C 2. Do you teach “Cambridge English”?
Cambridge University does not offer a course called “Cambridge English” nor does it publish a specific syllabus for any of its examinations. We design our own courses based on excellent international course books that will prepare your child very effectively for any Cambridge examination. Of course, Cambridge English: Language Assessment and another department of Cambridge University called Cambridge University Press do publish some course books which we use when we feel that they are the best and most affordable books for a particular course.


C 3. What course should my child take if not entering for the examination?
All children in our S2, M2 & F2 classes will take the same course regardless of whether or not they will take the Cambridge YLE at the end of the year. This is because all our regular courses are designed primarily to improve your child’s level of English proficiency. Taking a Cambridge examination at the end of the course is just a way of measuring your child’s proficiency on an internationally recognised scale.

All children in those classes will also take our internal “mock examination” based on the Cambridge examinations. These mock tests will give us useful information about your child’s proficiency which we will share with you when discussing your child’s progress.


C 4. Must my child take the Cambridge YLE?
No, taking the examination is entirely optional for all students in our current S2, M2 & F2 classes. You will register them for Term 4 of the course in the usual way. You will still pay the usual course fee without any extra charges. Registering for the YLE is a separate process and the exam fee is charged separately too.


C 5. Can my child just take a Cambridge English examination without taking a course at Enhance Education?
All students who register for a Cambridge Examination through Enhance Education must have taken an appropriate course in one of our centres. Anyone who wants to just take a Cambridge Examination should contact HELEX directly to make arrangements.