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Business Communication
Skills Courses & Workshops 

Develop essential business communication skills for today, tomorrow & beyond. 

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Global Challenges

Modern Communication

Creatives Discussing Project

At Enhance Education, our range of Business Communication Courses focus on developing the language and soft skills you need to become effective English communicators, helping your organization achieve their business goals in a fiercely competitive business climate.

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Business communication skills have, perhaps, never been as important as they are for organizations navigating the challenges brought on by the global pandemic. The ability to communicate effectively in English differentiates people and businesses in both face-to-face and online working environments and can play a significant role in whether a company sinks or swims.

Our Methodology

A Communicative Approach

Business Meeting

The communicative approach is built upon the concept that learning a language successfully comes from having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition are used and this enables them to learn to use the language effectively. All our Business Communications courses and workshops are designed to provide ample opportunities for trainees to practice the language and skills they have acquired in a wide range of authentic contexts.

An Authentic Experience

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Authentic learning allows trainees to take an active part in the learning process and apply what they have learned in real-world situations that are relevant to their own specific professions. Talk to us about your company’s business objectives and we will create an engaging, interactive, fully-customized course focusing on the language and skills required to succeed in your specific industry.

Individual Learning Styles

VAK Learning Styles

People have different approaches to how they absorb, process and retain information, referred to as ‘learning styles’ and allowing people to access information in terms they are comfortable with increases comprehension, motivation and confidence. To ensure you can get the most out of our Business Communications courses and workshops, our syllabuses have been specifically aligned with all three learning styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

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HRD Corp Claimable 

Enhance Education is an HRD Corp-registered training provider. All of our Business Communication courses & workshops are claimable.

Our Process

Free Placement Test

1. Placement Test

Find out more about your current English language proficiency with our free Placement Test.

Needs Analysis

2. Needs Analysis

Help us to identify the gaps in your skills and individual areas for development with our Trainee Needs Assessment. 


3. Customization

Talk to us about your business and help us to understand how we can upskill your staff and help achieve your organization’s communication objectives.

Course Design

4. Course Design

We will use the information from our placement testing, needs analysis and discussions with you to create an engaging, interactive, fully-customized course designed to meet your specific needs. 

Corporate Training

5. Training

This is where the learning happens. Our courses are flexible and can be delivered online, at your premises or in one of our strategically located centres.

Course Evaluation

6. Evaluation

Find out what you have learned. We will provide detailed progress report for every trainee, detailing specific areas of improvement and key suggestions for further development.


Why Choose Us?

Qualified Trainers

Qualified Trainers

Our professional trainers have have experience in training clients from major companies around the globe.

Customized Courses

Customized Courses

We'll work with you to ensure our courses meet your employees' language needs and your company's business goals.

Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery

Training can be conducted on-site at your premises, at one of our centres or online via our distance learning programme.

HRD Corp Claimable

HRD Corp Claimable

Enhance Education Sdn Bhd is an HRD Corp-registered training provider. All of our courses are claimable under the SBL Khas scheme.

Corporate Traning Courses

Explore our Courses

Colleagues at work

Effective Email Writing

One of our most popular courses: learn how to write clear, concise, courteous emails complete with accurate grammar and appropriate style and language. 

Business Partners at Work

English for Report Writing 

Acquire the skills you need to plan, structure, write and edit logical, professional reports including proposals with great clarity. environment.

Business Woman Typing

Business Writing Masterclass

Enhance your style, accuracy and clarity with various forms of business writing, including internal and external emails, reports, proposals and meeting minutes

Meet our Trainers

Adam Profile Pic.png

Adam Jameson
Group Director

Andrew Bolderson CV Photo 2022.jpg

Andrew Bolderson
Corporate Training Manager

James Munday.png

James Munday
Bukit Mertajam Manager

Our Trainers have worked with a wide range of industry leading companies & organizations.

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If you are interested in signing up for any of our on-site, off-site or online Corporate Training packages, or a fully customised course, tailored to meet your employees' language needs, fill in a few details and a member of our team will get back to you with further details.

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