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Take a placement test online or at your preferred centre to assess your English language proficiency.

The test, conducted by one of our international teachers, is completely free and will help us to recommend the most suitable course and level for the student.

Kindergarten Guide

Starters Placement Test

Children aged 4-6 who have not yet started Standard 1 will be given the pre-school assessment. This is done by one of our teachers and takes 10-15 minutes. The pre-school assessment involves reading and writing basic phonics and a short, playful conversation.

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Junior Placement Test

Children in Standards 1-4 are given the Junior Assesment. This starts with a 30-minute written paper including spelling, vocabulary, grammar and a short writing task. One of our teachers will then conduct a short speaking test which involves describing some pictures and having a short conversation about familiar topics.

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Adult Placement Test

Anyone in Standard 5 or above takes the Adult Assessment. This also starts with a 30-minute written paper covering vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  The teacher will then conduct a short speaking test which involves talking about a range of topics and is designed to generate progressively more complex language.


Insurance Consultation

After completing the speaking part of the test, the teacher will join you and explain what the test involved, the results, and the classes they recommend based on those results. They can also tell you more about what the classes are like and are happy to try and answer any questions you have.


A member of our friendly, multi-lingual Customer Service team will also be available to translate and discuss the schedule and T&C's of registration.

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