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We are strictly implementing all Government SOP's to ensure that we can provide you and your child with a safe and healthy learning environment. For more information, click to download our full Parent's Guide to Covid-19 SOPs.


To ensure that we can provide a safe, healthy learning environment for both you and your children, please comply with the following guidelines when coming to our centres for face-to-face classes.

Contact your centre as soon as 
possible if you believe you or
your child has been exposed to 
coronavirus or displays symptoms.

If your child has been exposed to the virus or sent home having displayed symptoms, a doctor’s letter must be presented stating they are safe to return to the centre.

Check in via the MySejahtera app. Students without access to smartphones can be registered by parents under ‘Dependant’.

Avoid entering the centre if possible. If necessary, ensure only one adult per child / children, and avoid class start times to reduce congestion in reception.

Drop off and collect your child on time. Help your child to open / close the car door as necessary.

Ensure your child is wearing a face covering [mask or face shield]. This is a strict requirement to enter the classroom until further notice.

Send your child with their own set of stationery (pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, and if possible, board marker).

You may also wish to provide your child with their own small hand sanitizer, though we will have this readily available.

Ensure your child understands the need for 1m social distancing at all times, how to cough into their elbow, and the importance of effective hand washing / sanitising.

Make sure your child knows that they must inform a member of staff if they begin to feel unwell.

Please contact your usual centre by phone or WhatsApp if you have any feedback, questions or concerns.

Only send your child with a snack if they really need it. Ensure they are aware they should never share their food/drink or ask for food from others.


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